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Definition Series: Infrastructure

May 6, 2016

Storefront for Art and Architecture
New York

Marjolijn Dijkman, Femke Herregraven, Brian Larkin, Clare Lyster, Basim Magdy, and Nader Vossoughian
Filmed documentation

To define infrastructure implies a categorical act, where we consciously or unconsciously decide upon which part requires attention, and what can (temporarily) be disregarded. Perhaps it is the ability to be many things simultaneously that has made infrastructure such a magnetic concept in the humanities and social sciences in the past decade.

Yet, in the realm of technology, architecture, and urban planning, to approach infrastructure as inherently paradoxical—as both ‘generative and degenerative; constructive and destructive; future oriented but ultimately fleeting; fluid and mobile yet inflexible—requires technical skills and specific epistemologies*.'

Accounting for the paradoxical and often conflicting poetical and material qualities of infrastructure, this Definition Series will juxtapose a number of definitions, in the hope that complementary urgencies across fields come to light and potentially reinforce, influence, or contradict each other.