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Architecture, Anyone?
by Erika Hock & Clare Noonan

May 23–June 21, 2013
Het Paviljoen, Ghent

Shifting domestic activity to the semi-public realm, early examples of the pavilion took archetypal form as freestanding structures situated in close proximity to a main dwelling.

In parallel, the phenomena of the Museum House, former private residences now open as architectural museums, similarly shift private to public experience.

In their collaboration, Architecture, Anyone? brings together both Hock's interest in the architectural and Noonan’s respective interest in display and narrative, as potential spaces to re-imagine linear models.

Within the dis-purposed space of Het Paviljoen, Hock and Noonan will superimpose a horizontal, parallel architecture. Using the floor and accompanied by text, the domestic and the imaginative will take public form.